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I have no idea what to do with this stuff, so I’m just gonna stick it in this section ;)

Masque: “…a little extra magic, while you work yours”

Masque: Sexual Flavors
(it aint lube!)

THE COPY READS: “Masque is the first product to conceal any unpleasant flavors associated with pleasuring you man and his subsequent climax. These orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strips will take the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level. Consider it a little extra magic, while you work yours”

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Hookers Everywhere:
There is now a product that will get rid of the skunk in his spunk!
Just use Masque, the “orally-dissolvable, flavored gel” and it will make swallowing faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more palatable!
In fact, after checking out the Masque website, I have discovered that it comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Mango!

“Yum, Yum, give her your… enduring love?”  😉  lol

I am by no means a prude or shy, but why the hell was this in a copy of Marie Claire magazine?!?
Maxim, sure…
Cosmo, maybe…
Any porn publication, abso-fricken-lutely!
But a magazine geared more towards fashion?!?
Perhaps they were confused about the *kind* of “pearl necklace” Masque was referring to working to avoid?  Yeah!  That’s probably it!!!

Ah well, it doesn’t matter, much… it just struck me as kinda funny so I tore it out, scanned the ad and decided that I would share it with the interwebs!  🙂

Visit the Masque Website for information on how to get your boyfriend to not dump you!


New Section: Noteworthy Blogs & Articles

Oh, WordPress… you give all people who like to write, without audience, a reason the write!
“Yay”, for free blogs!  🙂

That said, I have come across a couple articles/blogs over the last couple of months that were too good not to share with the world!
So, I’ve created a new section on my time-killing blog to compile that list!

So, if you like to read entertaining and relatively humorous rants, check out the “Noteworthy Blogs & Articles” section for juicy, little slices of amateurish-literary-awesome pie!