Dear Tax Payers, Thank You for the Money

In a nation that is so quick to dole out free money predominantly obtained from the taxpaying, working man’s pockets, to those who do not work, in the form of a poorly misappropriated welfare system, WHY do we not require the recipients to work for the money?

I am okay with assistance for those that need it.
If you cannot work due to disability or if you’re an injured veteran, one should absolutely be entitled to certain benefits; however, if you’re able bodied and are exploiting those who do work and are using the system to your advantage in exchange for nothing…?
Well, We have plenty for you to do…

We have streets that are filthy;
We have shoulders of roads and land on either sides of our streets and highways that are badly littered and in need of basic maintenance;
We have decaying store fronts in depressed areas of the city that need cleaneding;
We have homeless shelters that would love a helping hand on any given day;
We have non-profits all over the city with volunteers that are overworked for nothing in return and they help because its a labor of love;
We have plenty for you to do.

How about a program for senior citizens and the disabled to help maintain the exteriors of their homes?

There are odd jobs in every city which need done.

Drive through McKeesport on any given day of the week and look out your window as you merge onto Lysle Boulevard from the Duquesne Bridge going towards downtown McKeesport. That shoulder of land is never cleared of debris and litter. I cannot remember the last time that it was appropriately maintained in terms of weed removal and grass cutting.
There are empty lots and streets littered with trash.

There are an awful lot of jobs out there and within every city that need completed. Our street crews cannot afford to do all of these jobs when there are larger safety concerns at hand to which they are tending.  The city cannot afford to employ these individuals due to cutbacks within their departments and funding for them (Don’t get me started here, lets deal with issues one at a time!).
To this, I say its an easy remedy. Lets allow our individuals who cannot find work, to work for the city in order to A.) give something back to the city/district in which they collect benefits and B.) allow them the opportunity to acquire a reference while applying for full-time employment. What better of a reference than the mayor of the city? Our mayors and city officials can provide great references for individuals who show up when asked in order to be more successful at obtaining normal employment and abandoning the welfare system that has ruined urban families due to our failed welfare system. These families have become dependant on this system as opposed to using it for temporary help—as was its original intent.
The answer is JOBS; instead of bleeding the system dry. Lets help them achieve jobs.

This a fair exchange for free money, at least I think so.
If I were told that I could have government money to supplement my family while I was between jobs (for whatever reason) for simply doing some “chores” for the city in which I resided, I would most definitely partake in this program. I would graciously accept! I would be even more eager to accept if I were told that if I do a good job and report as assigned for duty that I could earn a really great reference, I would be even more eager to get started.
If I could offer a Thank You to taxpayers for WORKING and PAYING THEIR TAXES so that MY family could EAT food tonight, I would do it!

Am I in the minority for “lowering myself” to this kind of humility?
Can I resort to—nay, stoop to—picking up trash on the side of the road in exchange for welfare?
Here’s another question, isn’t asking for welfare in the first place sacrificing some level of pride or dignity?
I would think so, but then again, I am an independent individual; I pride myself on not accepting handouts. The worst thing in the world, for me, would be to have to resort to asking the government for help.
I lied. The worst thing in the world for me would be for my family to suffer due to the loss of employment for any reason without a backup plan for financial assistance. I would do whatever it took to feed my family.
Returning the favor to the taxpaying citizens should be the least of these concerns when it comes to one’s pride. If anything, it says a lot about the character of the individual that would be willing to do this. Gratefulness without entitlement would be a breath of fresh air.

Why should I expect something for nothing if I am able bodied? I shouldn’t, nor would I, expect to be able to accept something for nothing.

Secondary to the thought of Citywide Appreciation in Return for Assistance, we’ll call it the CARA Program, is the thought of drug testing for individuals who receive the assistance.

Why is it that the working man is subject to a drug test at random (or in the instance of injury in the workplace), but someone else can receive benefits without being subject to any type of checks and balances?

“Here’s a job. If you work really hard at it, show up every day and pay taxes, that would be great.
Oh yeah, also… if you do drugs, we’ll fire you even though you’re paying those taxes that we talked about.”

Is it a right or a privilege to work?
Is it a right or a privilege to collect benefits?

It seems to me that both are privileges. I feel lucky to be employed and will submit (and I do submit) to those conditions mentioned above.
By the same token, I would submit to the same conditions if I were asking for government assistance.

As defined by Wikipedia, “A privilege is a special entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. It can be revoked in certain circumstances. In modern democratic states, a privilege is conditional and granted only after birth. By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth.”

So, which is which? Is work a right or a privilege? Is welfare a right or a privilege? Is it fair that one should be restricted and taxed and the other is neither restricted nor taxed?

Consider the following scenarios:

A.) A woman, a single mother of two, has recently lost her job due to the closing of her previous employer’s business. She struggles daily to pay her bills and support her children since the passing of her husband of 13 years. She is offered the chance to receive government benefits in the form of welfare. In order to accept the benefits she must agree to a once monthly (at random) drug test and she also must participate in the CARA Program. She is offered several different “jobs” that are city and government approved CARA activities in exchange for funds while she waits to hear back from the employers with whom she has applied for employment. Among these are to work at the school cafeteria washing dishes, she was also offered a temporary position doing some clerical work for the mayor whose secretary is out on maternity leave, or she was also offered the chance to help beautify the city by painting over some graffiti along Fifth Avenue’s abandoned store fronts.

B.) An elderly man has gone to his job at the plant every Monday through Friday from 7 o’clock a.m. until 6 o’clock p.m. for the last thirty-three years. There are mandatory and random drug tests that he is required to submit to at the leisure of his employer. He pays taxes and makes just enough for him, his wife and his special needs adult son to get by; his wife must stay at home in order to care for their son.

C.) Another woman who has just had her third child is leaving a popular local retail chain with a cart full of non-necessity items including junk food and high-end health and beauty items. She paid for the entire order with her EBT card and told the cashier that she can’t wait for her tax return this year because its going to be a huge check with the new baby and she is thinking of buying that large screen LCD TV in electronics when the check does come through. She does not work

Of the three scenarios, which one seems unfair?
If you said A, the only exception to A being your answer would be if you empathize with the woman for having lost her husband and fallen on hard times. Otherwise, if you said A was unfair, you are selfish and you (most likely) currently collect welfare with no intentions of picking yourself up and getting a real job.

If you said B, you are most likely a blue collar or middle-class individual who has worked hard for everything that you have ever owned. You are most likely financially conservative and have become resentful of the misappropriation of government funds.

If you said C, then there are a few reasons why this would be a feasible answer.
1.) Perhaps you feel bad for the children? This is acceptable.
2.) Maybe you feel bad for the cashier, who was WORKING, for having to listen to this “woman” blab about her meal-ticket babies? This would be acceptable.

If you felt that it was unfair for the woman who has the three kids. You are an idiot.
If you felt that this example was intended to be racially slanted (as was the original accusation), you are an even larger idiot.
Imagine she’s any race and/or ethnic background of your choosing.
This woman is still trash.

On a separate note, I was accused of something which is simply not true due to this “rant”. I was called a racist–which is laughable. Allow me to get more specific on our “Guest” at the checklanes…

This woman was real. I saw her no less than one month ago, and I see her often. She is white and morbidly obese. Her children are white and her race has no bearing on her condition or my opinion of her when I witnessed this specific occurrence with my own two eyes and ears.
She is trash. She talks to anyone that will listen about her “babies’ daddies” and how she doesn’t work, nor does she intend to.

I also must point out that you (the accuser) are the racist for originally thinking that she was ANY race at all other than a nameless and faceless example.
However you pictured this woman, you have identified your own racial bias.
Congrats on that, by the way… Racist.


(Please leave feedback with your thoughts and opinions):

Do you think that the fictional CARA Program is fair?

Do you think that the CARA Program might work?

Would you be “okay with” Welfare if fictional CARA were in place?

Do you think that Welfare needs reform?

Do you think that Welfare is fine the way it is?


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