“Are you a Believer?” [roll eyes now]

I was helping this lady today at work.  As I was helping her, I asked her how she was doing, to which she replied, “Blessed, I am truly blessed. Thank you!”

I continued to help her, and she was very pleasant, which is more than I can say for most and it was quite a nice change of pace.  When I was done helping her, I said “Have a nice day”.

She then says, “Oh, I will! Are you a believer??!?!”.  Let me just tell ya… she was visibly excited about asking me this relatively personal question in a very public place.

Well… I mean, I “sorta” am a “believer”, but not in what she was selling.  Without going into too much detail about the topic, but I didn’t want to ruin her day so I just said “Yep, sure am!”

As a result of this compliant answer, she says “Well, then you have a fabulous day, then!”        lol

Makes me wonder… what would she have said if I said “no?”                                 Do you think she woulda told me to go fuck myself?!? lol                                 Maybe to “not have a good day”?  lol

Isn’t religion supposed to be sacred?  What makes one think that they can push their beliefs on others?  What makes one think that they can just go around asking quasi-personal questions?  Asking a question like that, especially out of context is about as tacky as the Jesus Action Figure.                                             FAIL, religious folks.  EPIC FAIL!

I also find it interesting that someone who is a “Believer” would risk making someone feel uncomfortable by asking them, completely out of context, about their religious beliefs and if they are “a believer”; Meanwhile,  someone who really isn’t that much of a devout anything would reply with a lie just so as to not “ruin the day” of said Believer….

Ah well    😉

This was completely rhetorical; Please, no Baby Jesus answers/replies needed    😉


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