…A Face To The Name

Intellectual Carrie

So, this is me… “The Croatian Sensation”

I’m a 28 year old from the Greater (er, not so great-er) Pittsburgh Area.

Generally speaking, I’m very sarcastic and a skeptic about damn near everything.  You say “jump”, I say “who”;  You say “black”, I say “prove it”.  I’m a pervert… gimme a topic, I’ll make it dirty and make you laugh.  Generally speaking, I tend to have a good heart (despite my mostly Conservative political & social views), but I can also easily see when you’re trying to take advantage of that trait; Trust that you will pay for it. Dearly.  😉

I’m married to an incredible man, Brian–he is my entire world and I’d be lost without his love and support!  Our wedding was on July 19, 2009 and it was amazing! Everything regarding the wedding came together so perfectly! It was a gorgeous day that I wish I could live over and over.

I’m also a student at the University of Pittsburgh’s CBA.  I’m trying, like hell, to finish my Bachelor’s Degree but I’m only going part time while I’m working full time in management for a large corporation.  Its a huge pain in the ass to both my social life and my personal life, but I will finish!  It’s just a matter of time (which is the hardest thing to come by these days!).

I Bartended for 8 years at a local place called The Monkey Bar in Pleasant Hills.  It was great; I learned so much about life, work, social dynamics and “the public sector” from that job.  I really enjoyed it and a lot of the people and their money (Ohhhh, the moneeey!), but it was time to move on for my own personal/professional development.  There are aspects that I will miss about bartending and then there are some that I will never miss.  Who’s to say… I may find myself standing on the less-fun-side of a bar at some point in my life again… it just won’t be this weekend.  😉

I volunteer my free time to a cause that can’t help itself and I tend to like the beneficiaries of that donation more than I like most people.  I volunteer when time permits at a small, local animal shelter.

I love animals–some more than others–but I do love ’em.
I’d become a vegetarian if it weren’t for that occasional meat craving.  I would love to own horses someday, again… its the time and money that factors into things.  For now, I have a pup, you can see her in the “Kaida, FTW” tab at the top of the page.  She’s the best buddy a gal could have!  She’s truly the best dog I’ve ever owned or have known.

I enjoy certain cartoons still (ie.  Ren & Stimpy  &  Spongebob are my faves!)

I have, over the last year or so, become very interested in Cycling–both on the trail and in spin classes when I can’t get to the trails. I’m loving it! I only wish that there was a cure to the seat issue, it’s not so pleasant on some of the longer rides.
I’ve been hitting the gym a lot these days too; I’m trying desperately to get back into running as well as to just improve overall well-being and fitness level. I’m really enjoying it and also enjoying feeling the benefits of being more active.

My husband has also gotten me interested in Bowhunting!  I completed the Pennsylvania Hunters’ Safety Program and passed the exam with 100% (which wasn’t difficult at all), and I got a license and went hunting last year and it was awesome!  I saw animals that didn’t see me and I’ve never been closer to an deer in the wild than I was this past fall!  It’s really amazing; these animals are less than ten feet away from you and they have no idea that you’re there.  I’ve started a “♀ (female) Hunting Adventures” section too where you can find some pictures and other stories that have occurred while outdoors and in the tree stand.  As of right now, its just a few boring pictures, but this year I’m comfortable shooting at an animal and (hopefully and God willing) there will be some success pictures this fall!


So Why the Blog?    … because a very good friend told me that I needed “to blog” my rants because they’re amusing.  Additionally, its sort of an online scrapbook and reference guide for things that I may have experienced or am interested in.  If you’re interested in any of the same stuff, you might be able to get a feel from it here.

A few words about this blog… This blog is just random thoughts about not much.  Kind of like Seinfeld.  Its an outlet to vent about something stupid or irritating.  Often times, its just something to do when I’m bored.

Also, feel free to post your comments on the rants and/or posts; If I don’t like what you have to say, I’ll either delete it or blog about you next… you’ve been warned.  jjk… kinda  😉

Oh, I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but writing about yourself is boring… and yep… now I’m bored!  😉

😉  Dovidenja!


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