Vince pwns Billy Mays!!

ShamWow! and the SlapChop!

What more could a common girl want in life? Really?
Vince. He’s amazing…

Billy Mays is a man of the past, the only people buying what he’s selling are little old ladies because they feel like they can trust what Billy Mays says. He’s like the good Grandson that still cuts their grass and comes over a few times a week to make sure the water heater is okay.

Vince… well Vince is just too damn cool, he scares old ladys. He’s got that head set on and he’s ready to sell some shit! He reminds me so much of Steve Buscemi (ie. Fargo), but I digress.

The only thing that Billy Mays has on Vince is the fact that Billy Mays is a huge fan of the “Canadian Tuxedo”, as a friend of mine calls it. LOL.


Vince Says:

“Stop having a boring tuna, Stop having a boring life” (SlapChop: My Personal Favie)

“Made in Germany, you know the Germans make good stuff” (ShamWow)

“ShamWow, you’ll be sayin’ ‘wow’ everytime”

“I dunno, it sells itself” (ShamWow)

“if you call now within the next 20 minutes, cuz we can’t do this all day…” (ShamWow)

“Guys, were gonna make America skinny again, one slap at a time” (SlapChop)

“You’re gonna love my nuts” (SlapChop: did he really just say that?)

“Tacos, Feticini, Lenguini, Martini, Bikini” (SlapChop: LOL, WTF?!?)

For your viewing pleasure, please check out the following links….

ShamWow Informertial:

ShamWow en Espanol:
(This is absolutely freaking histarical!)



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