So, here ya are…  it’s 4:38am and you can’t sleep but there’s nothing to fucking do.
Don’t despair; Fret not, …I’m here to help!

We’ve all been there before, but you have something that we didn’t back then!
Alas, you have this amazing Blog full of crazy shit and none of it is interconnected or relevant to anything else, anywhere!
Yay, for that!!

So, below, you’ll find a list of some sites that will help you kill that time.

You’re Welcome!
(Also, be sure to check out the “Badass Art” tab, there’s links to really cool artists’ pages)


Divine Interventions
Yep, I found a website that has…
are ya ready for it???
Christian Themed Sex Toys!!!
No Shit!  I wouldn’t lie about this!
No you can “Reagan” yourself (a la The Exorcist)
with a vibrating cross all of your very own!
(I guess it’ll keep you chaste???)

For every vocabulary question you get right, you earn grains of rice that are donated to feed the hungry through the World Hunger Programme… do they actually do it?
I have no fucking idea…

Big Picture
News from around the Globe accompanied by some outstanding photography for each story.  These are major stories from all over the world that are popular on the internet;  you’re bound to find something of interest!

27 Club:  Jesus Dress-Up
Yep, its EXACTLY what is sounds like!  LOL
There’s a Jesus and there are clothes, much like paper doll cutout clothes…
You decide if he’s going to wear leather pants or a tie-dyed tunic!
No Shit… there are links on the left of the page to change the clothing options.
There’s a Villain (with Donnie Darko’s Frank,
Freddie Krugar Sweater and Glove)
…yeah, its serious over there!
Urban Legends and Rumors:  debunked or confirmed

The Church of Euthanasia
How to Butcher a Human for Meat Processing
(Who ARE these people?!?)

Weird Picture Archive
This one is self-explanatory.
I don’t love the organization, but you’ll figure it out.
After all, you’re bored.  You’ve got the time!


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