Silence Is Golden; McDain’s Restaurant Bans Kids Under 6

Holy Santa Claus Shit; I couldn’t agree with this policy more!
After having worked as a bartender in a bar/restaurant for over 8 years, I never could understand why people would bring their kids in for “dinner” and then get pissed off when something happens or is said that is inappropriate for kids to witness.

Oh No! Your kid just saw/heard something that he/she shouldn’t have?!?
Lady, its a freaking bar! Don’t take your kids to hooters, and I won’t have my business meeting at a Chuck E Cheese’s!

PS: Don’t forget to clean up all of that shit under the table that your kid threw on the floor.
Never mind, I didn’t think you really would anyhow…

Here’s the article, courtesy of and Rob Neill
By Rob Neill (

If your 5-year-old has a jones for the crab cakes at McDain’s Restaurant, which the menu boasts are “The Best Around — Period,” you’d best take him or her there by Friday. Or be prepared to get the food to go.

Beginning Saturday, children 6 and under are no longer welcome at the restaurant in Monroeville, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh.
They’ve just become too much of a bother for the other customers.

Owner Mike Vuick built the neighboring golf center 22 years ago, then opened the restaurant nine years ago. Young children have become an increasing issue in that time, he says. But don’t accuse Vuick of hating kids — his problem is mostly with the parents.

“Parents have gradually diminished their cooperation,” he said, adding that the new policy is strictly in response to customer complaints.


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