☠ The Horror Score ☠ Horror Movie Reviews

So, I was going to start a separate site for posting Horror Movie Reviews, but I decided to just add a page here for it!

That said, if you like horror movies or are interested in a specific title, check out the Horror Score link located at the top of the page with the other tabs.  The movies that I’ve reviewed are listed in a drop down menu from the same tab.

I’ve been watching horror movies for my whole life!  I love ’em.
Don’t be fooled by the numbers, as they stand now, in reviews.  There’s not much here so far, but that collection will grow as time goes on.  I’m not in a big hurry to build it up with reviews that I’m hurrying through just to have more titles posted up.  I also don’t want to review something that I haven’t watched in ten years.  So, as the movies are revisited, I’ll post them when time permits.
So, enjoy what’s there and, please, feel free to comment on any of the reviews and suggest movies that I may not have heard of yet!!

😉  Dovidenja!


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