♀ Hunting Adventures

My husband bought me a compound bow.
That sounds incredibly romantic, huh?  😉

On a serious note, he got me so interested in hunting last fall that I wanted one and he got it for me!
I’ve taken the Pennsylvania State Hunter Safety Course and passed the exam with a score of 100% (which wasn’t difficult, trust me!).

Last fall, I went out hunting, though I wasn’t quite comfortable taking aim at anything yet, I did enjoy the silence of the woods and experiencing the outdoors and all that nature has to offer.

Similarly to golf…
“a bad day in the tree stand is still better than a good day at work”

Enjoy some really boring photos!
Some of them, my husband took, and others, I took.
I’m really hoping to replace some of these boring pictures with gloating success ones.

So far, there’s not much to report… Just a few boring pictures from a few of our days out in the woods.

A lot of practicing with both the bow and a rifle took place!

My first time shooting a bow

Nice Grouping!

shooting from 20 yards back, not too bad!

This was my first time shooting a rifle (.308)

...and it was soooo much fun!

My First Hunting Trip!

I hadn't taken my exam yet, so I was unarmed

"Carrie, are you sleeping?" Brian was convinced that I was! lol

Our nephew, Tyler, harvested his first deer during rifle season (2011).
Very exciting for him and his Uncle (my husband)

Tyler's (our nephew's) First Harvest (Rifle Season '11)

Brian's Doe & Tyler's 1st Buck


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