I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

Starring:            Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson & Andrew Howard
Directed By:     Steven R. Monroe
Written By:      Meir Zarchi (1978 Screenplay) & Stuart Morse
MyRating?         ✩✩✩✩✩
Own-Worthy?   Yes
[Remake of the 1978/1980 Version, by Zarchi]

Because the protagonist/victim in this movie is a woman, it would be expected for one to go the route of “if you’re a woman” when reviewing this movie, but instead I’ll go the route of “if you’re a human being” and just say that this movie will shatter you, regardless of gender.

This movie, in a nutshell is about a young female writer (Butler) who seeks seclusion and quiet simplicity in order to work on her new book.  She finds this solitude in the woods inside of an impressive cabin.  Other than the trees and a lake, she is surrounded by nothing but a few redneck dickwad psychos.
Her ultimate fate by (just about) the halfway point in the movie is her being brutally raped by a handful of these psychos and then she exacts a powerful and decisive revenge on each of them.

That said, I saw this movie fully knowing what happens to the female writer/victim and my heart pounded the entire time that the movie was building up to it.
My heart pounded in fear, in disgust, in empathy… my heart pounded for reasons that I don’t exactly know because I wasn’t there!  …But it pounded, nonetheless, for this poor girl.

What happens after she is attacked is nothing short of amazing and inspiring, to some extent.

Instead of going by the wayside and assuming the fetal position in the corner of a room like so many horror movie victims before her, she stands up and fights her own battle.
The hunters become the hunted, in this movie, and its a bittersweet reward for this girl, I imagine.

This is where the movie goes from sexually violent type of graphic to a simply violent type of graphic.

For the sake of not having this review become too much of a spoiler,  you won’t believe what this woman who would be broken, by any other standards and similar situations, does in order to make herself stronger!


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