Human Centipede: the first sequence (2009)

Human Centipede: the first sequence (2009)

Starring:             Dieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams & Ashlynn Yennie
Directed By:       Tom Six
Written By:         Tom Six
MyRating:         ✯✯✯✯(.5)
Own Worthy?   Yes

When I heard about this movie, I just had to see it!

Here’s the “quick ‘n easy” on this film:
Gross Out Flick?  Yes, of a medical nature.
Scary?  Nope

It starts out like any other movie that is set in Europe and involves American tourists; Two American girls who are visiting Germany get stranded in the middle of the woods… during a storm… because their car has broken down.
(Gasp!  Who doesn’t see that coming?!?)

They run through the rain and the woods until they find a house that looks like the home of a wealthy individual.  For whatever reason, this seems like a safe place to knock on a door and, perhaps, borrow a phone.

They are unaware that this is the home of a once prominent surgeon who was skillful in the delicate art of separating conjoined twins; however, now… he just wants to connect stuff.

The girls come into the home and are provided with a false sense of security and offered drugged glasses of water; their awakening from unconsciousness is soon to take place.  When it does, they realize that they are strapped to hospital beds in a makeshift basement-surgery lab with another Japanese-speaking male prisoner who is also strapped to a bed.

The doctor, when they are all conscious, then unveils his plans for them.
He begins to talk to them by telling them of his heroic previous profession in the medical field.  Then he tells them about his new obsession with connecting things.

He reveals that he’s going to surgically create a Human Centipede!

There will be a Part A, B, and C; all connected via the gastrointestinal system. The Japanese man will be A, because the good doctor doesn’t want the Human Centipede to be able to speak his language.  This is going to be a pet, and he then divulges that he’s done this before with Rottweiler’s and it was a beloved family member to him.

Okay, the review….
As soon as the three victims awaken from their drugged state in the basement hospital room, my heart was pounding.  This is rare for me, so I must have been pretty affected!

The lead-in is effective and horrific; what creates the mounting terror for this movie, for me, was the empathy that I was feeling for these victims and the disgust of the plans.

He explains that he will remove their teeth, and then it  shows these horribly painful looking stitches on their faces where he’s altered them to connect to surgically altered rectums.
He’s also severed ligaments in their knees so that they can never fully extend their legs–they are surgically forced to remain in a kneeling position.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks…
“What happens when someone has to shit?!?”
Not to worry… this is addressed in the film and in absolutely disgusting scene!

This one might get your heart rate going out of medical terror and empathy for the victims, overall… I liked it!

What I didn’t like was near the end…
There were aspects of the ending that I thought were just absolutely unbelievable…
As always, when the cops arrive, they are made out to be the most idiotic clown act that anyone has ever seen.  Horror movie cops don’t even possess the simple ability to maintain control of their firearms…
I find *that* quite annoying and it destroys the movie for me a tad.

The final ending, as always favored in my book, leaves the viewer with an immense feeling of disparity and that ever-awful lack of a definitive end to suffering for the victims.


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