☠ The Horror Score ☠

Here’s where I can indulge myself with a twisted obsession…
Horror Films!

I love them!
Its not that I enjoy human suffering and fear, rather… I’m truly in awe of the talents of these makeup artists!
While I do enjoy getting my heart racing from these movies in the safety of my own home, snuggled up on the couch with my man… mostly, I love the special effects and creativity involved.

What truly scares me?
Things that could really happen are what really scares me.
The Zombies flicks are fun, but I’m not overly concerned that there’s one hiding in my shed out back.

Here’s what I enjoy about a good horror film…
1.) The Grittiness of it and the way that it’s shot.
For example: Is it scary because it’s Hollywood or is it scary because… “Holy Shit, is this a snuff film?”
2.) The Gore Factor (Is it enough? Is there too much? Is it convincing?)
3.) How was the acting? Did I like the talent? Did I empathize with the characters or fear for their safety?
4.) Was there a good plot (was there a plot at all)?
This list isn’t all inclusive, but it’s some of my criterion when I consider whether or not I liked a movie.

I hope you’ll enjoy the movie reviews that I’ve posted here.
I do not claim to be a genius or a talented critic of cinema; This portion of my Blog, like the rest of it, is simply my opinion.
Sometimes it’s right on par with the majority and sometimes, it’s waaaaay off! 😉

Please feel free to post comments, suggestions for future reviews, and opinions!

All of the Reviews are listed, alphabetically, under the drop down tab for “☠ The Horror Score ☠”

Dovidenja! 😉


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